Which Sydney Pool Fence Is Best For Me?

At Bill Gibson pool fencing Sydney, we understand that the safety of your family is paramount. That’s why we only use the best materials and latest technology to make sure our pool fences are up to code and meet all Australian standards. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust us to keep your family safe this summer. So give us a call today or visit our website to learn more about our services. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Which Pool Fence Is Best For Me?
Aluminium Pool Fencing
Aluminium pool fencing is popular due to its durability (as aluminium is rust-free) and the low cost of installation. The Aluminium pool fence is often prized due to its unbreakable qualities as aluminium is very strong. If you simply need a no-nonsense pool fence that disregards the aesthetics of your pool area, then this type of fence could be a good bet. The other good thing about these fences is it can come in a variety of different colours to help blend in with the surroundings.

Pool Fencing Or Tubular Pool Fencing
Pool fencing & tubular pool fencing is very popular. This is due to these types of fences being see through. Allowing you to see your pool area, giving it some form of character & context. These types of pool fencing come in a variety of different designs, which we can go through with you in our free quote. With any pool fence, it needs to be safe for children, & the bars & the gap between them are small enough to stop children from fitting through them.

But if you are worried then maybe a mesh or aluminum pool fence might be the pool fence for you.

Affordable, Professional & Custom Pool Fencing Sydney
Your pool size as well as the landscaping around the pool, as well as the type of fence our the main things that determine your budget. If you do not have kids at home, then a glass fence would be suited to your needs. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive long-term solution (especially if you plan to have kids) that is also budget-friendly, then a mesh pool fencing or tubular fencing may be your best pick.

All the pool fences mentioned above have there pro’s & con’s but in the end, it comes down to what you want & what will look the best in your home. Looking at lots of examples online help the most as it can give you ideas of what you might like. Once you have done that chatting to us about which one would be best & why can also help form your decision. The more educated you are then the better it is to pick your fence. Especially due to pool fences being a safety requirement.

To make a time for one of our fencing contractors to see you is as easy as a phone call. We are happy to help & look forward to hearing from you. Call Bill Gibson Fencing Today on 02 9672 1465

Why You Should Switch To Steel Fencing?

It’s easy to lose your way among a plethora of materials when you weigh your fencing options. Whether you prioritize your privacy, aesthetics, security, or containing pets, you need to make a call in the end. Have you wondered why steel fencing continues to gain popularity in different localities in Australia? Well, homeowners enjoy a number of benefits over other materials with steel fences around. 

Steel fencing has emerged as an effective alternative to other materials like timber and aluminium. In this post, you will get to know what makes steel fences a superior choice.

Benefits of installing steel fences

Let’s check out the tactical advantages of switching to steel fences around your home or commercial space.

  1. Technical advantage

Steel fences have a technical advantage over timber and other materials. Steel serves as a powerful baffle, that significantly reduces wind turbulence around your home. Besides, it works as a powerful buffer against elements like rain. This explains why the material finds extensive use in bus stops and other public shelters. The material strength of steel remains unmatched, whether it’s a fence or any other barrier.

  1. Aesthetic appeal

Whether it’s your home or office, you would like to spruce up the aesthetic appeal of your property. Colorbond fencing continues to deliver the visual punch with vibrant colors and elegance.

Therefore, steel fences go beyond their practical use, durability, and material strength. You can put a coat of any colour of your preference around these fences. Moreover, the reputed fencing supplier Sydney can help you customize steel fences across different sizes and colours.

  1. Long lifeline

Now that you have decided to install a fence around your home, you would like to get the best material considering your budget. Steel fences come with a relatively longer lifeline than timber or other materials. They can seamlessly serve you for decades, provided you take care and maintain them well. Occasionally, you can coat your steel fence with a fresh layer of paint. Steel fences are time-tested for long lifelines, and they can stand adverse weather conditions over years.

  1. Better security and privacy

While most fencing installations are done around the property to leverage privacy and security, some consider aesthetics. Well, steel fences can serve both the purposes. Considering the robustness of steel, it works as a sturdy fencing material around your property. Moreover, when you value privacy, you need to test the tensile strength of the material. Steel fulfills all these conditions, being one of the best materials in terms of strength.

How to choose the right fence design?

Considering design and colour options, you have a plethora of variants to choose from. Once you consult a reputed fence installer, the experts would guide you regarding the design preferences. Moreover, you need to choose a design and colour that complements the existing structure of your property. Established fencing professionals can use their discretion and experience to recommend the right design and colour. This ensures that you can intelligibly balance durability, functionalism, and aesthetics.

As a material, steel is strong and versatile. No wonder, why a significant chunk of Australian homes has steel fencing around them.

Steel Fencing One Of The Best Options For Your Property

If you are checking out fencing options for your home, it is quite likely that you would notice that a wide range of fencing materials are available to choose from. Among these, steel fencing is indeed one of the best options for you. Steel fencing does its job quite well and offers many perks. The best way to install steel fencing around your property is to hire a trusted and reputable fencing company. 

The Superior Qualities Of Steel Fencing

Steel fencing has grown quite popular over the years, thanks to the various advantages that it offers. Here are a few reasons why steel is one of the best materials for fencing:

  1. Security : One of the key purposes of fencing is to protect your property from trespassers. Steel fencing does this job perfectly, as steel is quite hard to break or cut through. You could also opt for steel fencing with pointy tops that would deter anyone from trying to climb over it. Proper steel fencing can help to keep your family and your pets safe. 
  1. Durability : The high strength and durability of steel are the major advantages of steel fencing. Apart from being hard to break through, steel is also resistant to harsh weather conditions. A high-quality steel fence can last decades, which implies that you do not have to worry to spend your money and buy a new one. Steel is also safe from termites.
  1. Low maintenance : Before fence installations, it is important to keep the maintenance costs in mind. You do not want to get a fence that is too hard or expensive to maintain. Steel fencing barely requires any maintenance and would save you a great deal of money. All you have to do is clean it once in a while for the sake of getting rid of the dirt that might have accumulated. 
  1. Aesthetics : As the outdoor element of your property, fencing is a crucial part of aesthetic appeal. Steel fencing looks great and can help your property stand out from the rest. Moreover, steel fencing is highly customizable. Professional fencing companies can come up with various personalized designs based on your preferences. 

The Cost For Steel Fencing Installation

Steel fencing is one of the rather expensive fencing materials, so be ready to shell out a good amount of money. However, the cost-effectiveness that it delivers in the long run balances out the initial costs. In fact, over the years you would save a lot more money than the extra costs for installing steel fencing rather than wood. The installation costs depend on multiple factors like:

  • Steel quality
  • Dimensions
  • Design
  • Additional components like post caps and lattices

Hire The Right Fencing Company For The Best Result

Do not try to install steel fencing on your own. Steel is a heavy material that calls for professional installation. Find a fencing company that has a good reputation and is transparent with you about the process and the costs. Bill Gibson Fencing Sydney is the right fencing company to build you durable, beautiful, and provide you with reasonably priced fencing. Take a look at our gallery or contact us today at (02) 9672 1465 for a free quote.