The fencing around a property holds a great deal of value, not only for security but also for curb appeal. Ideally, you would want to install fencing that keeps your family and your pets safe and looks great together with the design of your home. If you are looking forward to install fencing around your home, Colorbond fencing installation would be a smart choice. Colorbond is essentially one of the best types of fences out there, offering a great mix of durability, aesthetics, and versatility. As one of the leading fencing companies in the region, we, at Bill Gibson Fencing, can help you out. 

The Premium Quality Of Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond is a special steel manufactured for fencing purposes. The steel, which itself is of high quality, remains further coated with an alloy of Zinc and Aluminum. A layer of polyester primer lies above it, with a final coat of paint at the top. Colorbond fencing consists of panels, fixing posts, and other materials made of Colorbond steel. Our team at Bill Gibson Fencing can provide you with all the fencing components you need. 

The Many Benefits of Colorbond fencing installation

Fencing made from Colorbond steel fencing offers several prominent advantages that set it above other types of fencing:


Colorbond fencing can significantly boost the aesthetic appeal of your home. The material is stylish and available in various pleasing designs. You may also choose from an amazing range of colors for the fencing.


The composition of Colorbond steel makes it extremely strong and durable. Colorbond fencing is resistant to harsh weather conditions and usually has a long lifespan. This implies that when you install Colorbond fencing around your property, you don’t need to worry about replacements or repairs any time soon. When you buy Colorbond fencing from us, rest assured that it would be a long-term solution.


The utility value of Colorbond fencing is excellent too. These fences are perfect for serving the purpose of safeguarding for you and your family. The strength of the material essentially helps to build a solid barrier to keep out criminal elements. Unlike traditional fencing, it does not have any vertical gaps and thus ensures better privacy. 


In case you care about the environment and prefer to use environment-friendly materials, Colorbond is essentially a smart choice. The material is 100% recyclable, which means that once you dismantle the fence, none of it would go to waste. The installation process undertaken by our experienced professionals doesn’t produce much scrap either, which further adds to the eco-friendliness. 

Other advantages

Colorbond fencing is also easy to maintain, which essentially results in long-term cost-efficiency. Colorbond fencing also helps to get around issues that you may face with other types of fencing. Unlike wood, Colorbond is resistant to termites. This would save you a great deal of hassle and money over the years. 

How to get Colorbond fencing installed?

Needless to say, Colorbond is a premium fencing material. You would want to find a leading Colorbond fencing supplier in your region and enquire about their rates. Feel free to contact Bill Gibson Fencing if you are looking for reliable fence installations.